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Planning and Entitlements

At Laugenour and Meikle our goal is to provide our clients with accurate surveying services and create cost-effective project designs that moves planning and construction documents smoothly through the regulatory approval process.   Our extensive experience in planning, design and permit approval processing helps us isolate important issues during the planning phase and minimizes entitlement difficulties.  These broad skills combined with a reputation for direct, honest communication with city, county and state agencies, ensures that our clients’ projects progress easily through the preliminary project stages.

Our land development planning and engineering services include:

  • Working with regulatory agency plan review staff
  • Managing rezoning efforts
  • Obtaining entitlements from municipal, county, state, and federal agencies
  • Preparing, managing and expediting submittal packages
  • Presenting projects to government and community groups
  • Coordinating with public utility providers
  • Expediting building permits




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