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Gibson Plaza

Gibson Plaza Monument Sign

Bel Air at Gibson Plaza

Trellis at Gibson Plaza

Bel Air at Gibson Plaza

Bel Air Gas Station



A shopping center for the increasing developments in the Spring Lake District. Complexities included proper driveway access at a major intersection, stormwater quality, and adjacent street widening.

Laugenour and Meikle worked closely with the City of Woodland to provide proper driveway spacing and turn movements into the site. A pilot project was started with the City of Woodland for a CDS unit to assist with the stormwater quality concerns. Sidewalks have been added to provide a safe route to the adjacent Pioneer High School. A bus turnout also helps serve the mass transit needs for the people in the area.

A brilliant shopping center, anchored by Bel Air, offers the community a wonderful place to shop and gather.


608 Court Street

Woodland, CA 95695

Phone: 530-662-1755

Fax: 530-662-4602

PO Box 828
Woodland, CA 95776