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Clark Pacific

Batch Plant

Detention Pond and Outlet Control Weir

Roadside Drainage Swales

Onsite Drainage Swales

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Precast-concrete manufacturer Clark Pacific wanted to convert a 90-acre site that once held a Spreckles sugar refinery to one suitable for producing and storing large precast-concrete pieces for the building industry. The site, which included old underground pits, pipes and trenches, would have to support concrete products and the massive cranes used to move them. In addition, the flat site needed drainage improvements to mitigate runoff from the proposed improvements.


Laugenour and Meikle had provided engineering services to Spreckles and we were able to pull engineering files from our archives and the sugar refinery records room to determine the approximate location of existing underground facilities. Solutions included removing old facilities that were in conflict, relocating existing fire suppression utilities to new locations more appropriate for the proposed site plan, and reinforcing areas to support the heavy cranes and concrete storage. A detention pond was also installed to contain stormwater runoff and reduce impacts to existing parcels.

The family-run concrete manufacturer has a site that meets the requirements of their daily operations with the opportunity to expand in the future.


608 Court Street

Woodland, CA 95695

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PO Box 828
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