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Court Street Rehabilitation, Woodland, CA


Woodland’s older section was losing its charm due to roadway deterioration and crumbling infrastructure.  The City of Woodland decided to replace aging asphalt street paving and concrete walkways and failing utility pipes and conduits with new infrastructure, including streets with ADA-compliant curbs in order to improve the street’s historic beauty and usefullness. 


Since we opened our doors in 1953, we have supported the City of Woodland with civil engineering, surveying and planning services, including earlier rehabilitation of other city thoroughfares.  The Court Street project allowed us to upgrade the roadway with modern underground infrastructure, surface rehabilitation, ADA-compliant curbs and crosswalks, and new streetscape.


The revitalized, pedestrian-friendly section of historic Woodland is attracting visitors and new businesses to the downtown area.



608 Court Street

Woodland, CA 95695

Phone: 530-662-1755

Fax: 530-662-4602

PO Box 828
Woodland, CA 95776