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Countryview, Esparto, CA

Multi-Use Open Space and Runoff Detention Pond

Access Ramp to Lamb Valley Slough

Pedestrian walk

Stephens Street




A single family residential development located in the Town of Esparto. The property contained an existing residence, which created an odd shaped parcel. Lamb Valley Slough runs along the south boundary of the project parcel. The site adjoins an elementary school on the east.


Laugenour and Meikle worked together with the developer and multiple county, state and federal agencies to complete the 72 unit single family residential subdivision. Services completed included grading plans, utility plans, boundary and topographic survey and construction staking. The storm drainage detention consisted of two linked ponds and an outlet structure to limit outfall to Lamb Valley Slough. The County required access to the bottom of Lamb Valley Slough, therefore a 12 foot wide ramp was designed. Offsite work included new curb, gutter and sidewalk with two driveways and an accessible ramp and two additional wastewater ponds for the service district.


The resulting project produced 72 single family homes with open space and pedestrian walkways, adding another valuable community to the Town of Esparto.



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