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Esperanza Estates, Esparto, CA

Greenbelt along West Side of Property

Greenbelt along North Side of Property

Multi-Use Open Space and Runoff Detention Pond

Craig Street




Create site plans and improvement plans to maximize the number of units for an approximately 27 acre parcel located on the west side of town. The site is limited by agricultural buffers on the North and West sides and an existing subdivision on the East side.


Laugenour and Meikle coordinated with other design consultants, multiple regulatory agencies and the developer to complete a 95 unit single family subdivision. Onsite improvements consisted of grading plans, underground utilities and drainage design. The developer also was required to complete offsite improvements including extension of a 10" wastewater main within Woodland Avenue, from Yolo Avenue to Alpha Street, and one additional wastewater treatment pond.


The project maximized the number of residential units, while meeting all storm drainage detention requirements, offsite improvements, and regulatory agency requirements.





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