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Yuba Community College Campuses: Woodland, Marysville, Clearlake and Williams, CA

Yuba Community College

Learning Resource and Emerging Technology Center

Central Walkway

Teachers' Offices Building

Walkway Improvements




Since 1981 we have provided numerous surveying and engineering services to the college's four locations. Challenges have included site planning to allow for future expansion, stormwater management, and the wide variety of activities required of a college campus.


We have met the challenges with innovative solutions that include master planning, creating a perimeter berm system around the campus, and handling civil engineering, surveying, and construction staking for the Learning Resource and Emerging Technology Center.

Our relationship spans more than three decades and we continue to maintain a great working relationship with the college and surrounding communities.





608 Court Street

Woodland, CA 95695

Phone: 530-662-1755

Fax: 530-662-4602

PO Box 828
Woodland, CA 95776